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Programs : Brochure

This page is the brochure for your selected program. You can view the provided information for this program on this page and click on the available buttons for additional options.
  • Locations: Norwich, United Kingdom
  • Program Terms: Academic Year, Fall, Spring
  • Homepage: Click to visit
  • Program Sponsor: University of East Anglia 
  • Restrictions: Goucher applicants only
  • Budget Sheets: Fall, Spring
Dates / Deadlines:
Dates / Deadlines:
Term Year App Deadline Decision Date Start Date End Date
Spring 2019 09/29/2018 ** Rolling Admission TBA TBA

** Indicates rolling admission application process. Applicants will be immediately notified of acceptance into this program and be able to complete post-decision materials prior to the term's application deadline.
Fact Sheet:
Program Type: Semester GPA minimum: 3.0
Class Standing: 2.Sophomore, 3.Junior, 4.Senior
Program Description:

University of East Anglia
Norwich, England

Program Overview

The University of East Anglia (UEA) in Norwich, England has established an excellent reputation since it first admitted students in 1963.  Only two hours from London, Norwich is a vibrant cultural hub with easy access to the continent.  Students can take classes in the humanities, social sciences, science, and other professional disciplines. UEA has adopted an interdisciplinary approach to education, bridging traditional boundaries between subjects. Teaching methods include traditional lectures, small-group seminars and projects, presentations and papers. UEA is a self-contained campus. Students live in standard rooms in flats on campus or near town and have use of all UEA student facilities. There is an active students' union that provides live entertainment and facilities for more than 100 clubs and societies. A multipurpose sports center is located on campus with swimming pool, playing grounds, athletics track and tennis court and more than 40 sports clubs

By choosing to study at UEA, you’ll be living in Norwich, one of the UK’s safest, happiest and most beautiful cities. It’s a fantastic mix of new and old England, with traditional markets, plenty of friendly pubs and a stunning cathedral that towers above it all. You’ll be able to study in peace, as the Universities placement is perfect, with the option to walk, cycle or take a short bus ride to the city centre.  


  • Attend a Study Abroad 101 and 102 Session

  • Have the required GPA and prerequisite courses for the program.  The minimum cumulative GPA for this program is 3.0

  • Students must have completed three semesters of college before studying abroad. Goucher cannot guarantee that any sophomore will be accepted by the host institution.

  • Declare a major in order to study abroad for a semester

  • Students cannot be on academic or disciplinary probation at the time of application


Students must complete the online Goucher study abroad application by the published deadline.  See the Events and Deadlines Calendar for the most up-to-date information. Students must next apply to UEA by their published deadline.  Initial approval is granted by Goucher OIS and final acceptance is granted by the host program and institution.   

General Program Dates

Arrivals Day
20 September - 21 September 2017
Orientation 22 September - 24 September 2017
Autumn semester 25 September - 15 December 2017

Do not purchase airline tickets until you receive confirmation of acceptance from the program and verification of arrival and departure details.


For course information please open this link:

Autumn-only students will not be able to take exams as UEA's exam period is after the Spring term.  If you are interested in a module with an exam and you will only be here for the Autumn, please ask us whether it is possible to have an alternate assessment for that module.

When determining which courses to take, please bear in mind that the British academic system is an intensive, three-year program.

First-year (Level 4) courses are appropriate for departments in which you have little or no prior experience.
Second-year (Level 5) courses will be equivalent to advanced sophomore or junior-level U.S. courses.
Third-year (Level 6) courses will be equivalent to senior-level U.S. courses.
Please ensure that your courses are requested for the appropriate semester.

Please be aware that Goucher cannot guarantee that your host university will offer a particular course even though it is listed in their catalog, or that you will be allowed to take that particular course. However, if you need to take a required course, you should correspond with the program directly during the application period.  Be sure to let your Goucher OIS advisor know so they can make an inquiry. UEA Study Abroad Module Information

Students will typically enroll in three 20 credit courses.  Two of the courses must be from the same faculty (department).  You may not select courses in three different faculties (departments).  Please select an alternate course for each first choice course
Students studying Creative Writing, literature and Drama  may request a maximum of one creative writing module per semester (subject to availability). Alternatives to these modules can be found in Art, Media and American Studies.

Goucher students will find themselves directly enrolled in courses with UK and other international students, therefore it is critical to be prepared for immersion in the British education system by understanding some of its important characteristics.  Please read the article Ready To Go To Great Britain and Prepare for Success to gain an understanding of the academic cultural differences between Goucher and universities in the UK.

Credit and Grade Translations

UEA Goucher
70 - 100 A
67-69 A-
60-64 B+
55-59 B
50-54 B-
46-48 C+
40-45 C
38-39 D+
36-37 D
35 D-
0-34 F

1 x UEA 20 credit unit = 5 Goucher credits
3 x UEA 20 credit units = 15 Goucher credits

Academic Policies

  • Grades count toward a Goucher GPA

  • Study abroad courses may not be taken on a pass/fail basis

  • Students must take a minimum of 12 credits and maximum of 18 credits

  • All students must participate in a 1 credit Study Abroad Immersion Course while studying abroad. Details will be provided at predeparture orientation.

  • Students on Goucher programs will receive Goucher grades and credits for all approved courses taken while abroad

Language Skills and Language of Instruction


Program Costs

Budget Sheet

Since Goucher students are fully enrolled at Goucher and receive Goucher credit while abroad, they pay regular Goucher tuition for any Goucher semester abroad program. This payment is regardless of the cost advertised and is charged by the program itself. Students pay the non-academic costs (i.e. room and board) in part or in full to Goucher or directly to the study abroad organization or overseas institution depending on the program. Estimated additional costs that a student may incur in attending these programs are listed on the Budget Expense Worksheet for each program.  You can utilize institutional and federal aid for a Goucher semester program.

Financial Aid/Scholarships

Any awarded financial aid may be used as payment for semester programs sponsored by Goucher College; however; you are allowed to transport your Goucher institutional aid for only one semester, unless you participate in the Goucher Oxford University yearlong program.  In addition, all students are eligible to apply for Goucher OIS scholarships and can apply during the program application process. For information on OIS and outside scholarships please visit the OIS scholarship/financial aid section.

To apply for an OIS scholarship please submit your application by the study abroad application deadline for this program through the following application:

OIS Scholarships



A $500 deposit is due upon application. Study abroad program costs are billed through your Goucher student account and are due at the same time as regular semester fees.  Please refer to the Budget Expense Worksheet for details for this program.


The $500 deposit paid upon application is applied to the student’s account and becomes non-refundable when accepted by Goucher College and the host program. If you are not accepted into a program, your deposit will be refunded.

If for any reason, a student withdraws from a Goucher semester after the deposit deadline, he or she will not be entitled to a refund of any fees paid to Goucher, including program deposit, tuition fees, travel fees, or any other fees incurred in connection with the program. If, due to any unforeseen circumstances or other circumstances beyond the control of the college, a semester Goucher program is cancelled, either prior to departure or during the course of the program, the student will not be guaranteed a refund of any fees paid to Goucher, including program deposit, tuition fees, travel fees, program fees, or any other fees incurred in connection with the program. In most cases, the college forwards program fees to vendors in foreign countries, making it very difficult to recover such fees due to a program cancellation. In such cases, the college will make a good-faith effort to recover such fees and to return any portion of fees that it may recover that may be attributable to a student’s participation in the program. However, the college makes no guarantees regarding the recovery of fees and is not liable for any fees that it is unable to recover.


Goucher students are responsible for applying and paying for Accommodations directly to UEA by their deadline . Students must live in UEA residences.

Will I have a meal plan?

No, however your accommodations will have kitchen facilities to prepare meals or you may purchase meals on campus at several cafes and dining facilities.


Norwich, England


A successful semester abroad is dependent upon adequate preparation.   Students will participate in online orientation material prior to the mandatory group orientation prior to leaving Goucher for the semester prior to studying abroad.  Dates will be provided upon study abroad acceptance.

Additional Information and Links

Passport, Embassy, Consulate, and Visa Resources

Students are required to have passports for all Goucher programs.  Failure to have a passport will prohibit participation in the program.  Passports take time to process and need to be valid for six months after your return to the U.S.  Check your expiration date and renew if necessary. Please see the U S State Department section on passports

U.S. Embassy and Consulates in the UK


All students without an EU/EEA passport are required to obtain a visa to study for a semester in the UK.  Please take a look at the UK Government website to see if you need a Tier 4 visa (typically for students staying for a year or students participating in an internship for a semester).  U.S. students studying for one semester and not participating in an internship can normally use the Short Term Student route and have the visa issued upon arrival when carrying the proper paperwork (US passport holder, proof of funds, letter from host/home institution, round trip airline ticket, etc).  Students from countries outside of the EU and U.S. should look at the referenced website to find out what is required for entrance.

Health and Safety

You will be required to submit health forms signed by a health care provider prior to studying abroad.  Forms will be supplied when you are accepted. Please read the Health and Safety section of the Goucher OIS website for information regarding Health and Safety, Disability Support, Diversity Abroad, Safety and Security, and Insurance: 

Study Abroad Insurance

All students participating on Semester, Year or ICA Goucher programs will be automatically enrolled in a health insurance plan tailored to meet the needs of study abroad students. Students participating in Goucher semester programs will be billed $300.The insurance carrier is ACE American Insurance Company.
Prior to the start of the program abroad, OIS staff will register students for the insurance program. Students will receive information about how to use the health insurance policy from the Office of International Studies prior to departure for study abroad.

Students with Disabilities

Goucher encourages all students who meet our eligibility requirements to consider studying abroad.  OIS will work with you regarding any special needs you may have.  However, we cannot guarantee that any or all of our program sites can accommodate all of your needs or interests.  More information can be found on the OIS Disabilities Support section of the website. 

Student Identity

Research the fact sheet for your location of interest on the U.S. State Department website for information on LGBTI rights, women travelers, safety and security, religious, and accessibility/mobility laws and information.

On the CIA World Factbook website, look for your host country’s page and research the “People and Society” section, where you can find the breakdown by ethnic group, religion, and race.

Refer to Goucher OIS section on Student Identity for additional resources for student identity.