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Applying for a Semester Program

All students who study abroad are required to attend a Study Abroad 101 session in Office of Global Education. Led by Office of Global Education advisors, the session lasts approximately 30 minutes. They are held Tuesdays at 10 am (virtually) and Thursdays at 3 pm (in the Hub Common Space). Study Abroad 101 covers topics such as how to explore program options, apply for a study abroad program, obtain academic credit for study abroad, and organize financial matters. 

After attending Abroad 101 please select one program you feel you would like to attend (you may change your selection after talking with your study abroad advisor).  Click Programs to make your selection and next click the Apply Now button to begin your profile and submit your questionnaire.  Upon completion, the study abroad advisor will review your questionnaire.   Please remember you must complete these steps one week prior to the application deadline.

Your application will not be reviewed until all required items are submitted.   You may only submit an application for one program .  If you feel you have selected the wrong program please contact your study abroad advisor to discuss changing your application prior to the deadline.  

References for Some Goucher Semester Programs 
For some study abroad programs it is possible to request letters of reference electronically through the on-line application system.  We will send this recommendation onto the program for which you are applying.

References for Other Goucher Study Abroad Programs
Some study abroad programs may have their own system for electronic requests for letters of reference. Others may have separate paper forms that must be completed by the recommender. In all cases it is the responsibility of the student to follow the instructions and contact the recommender to request the reference and to provide the electronic link or the paper reference form with instructions on where to submit the reference.

Students must be considerate of the other responsibilities of the recommenders and give them adequate time to write letters of recommendation (normally at least two to three weeks). Remember to provide whatever information will be helpful to the recommender and remember to send thank you notes.

Mark Bladel advises for all semester study-abroad programs. You can contact him at with any questions or to set up an individual appointment.